Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Mouse's Progress. Ish.

I am fascinated by how the black eye creeps down. Yesterday it was just under my eyebrow; today it is in my eyelid. I'm not sure how much farther down the blood can go now – I suppose I'll end up with some under my eye. Stay tuned.
Snow this morning! The Ides of March, and SNOW. Hey, weather, wise up – it's almost spring!
Went to sleep at seven or eight last evening, knowing I'd be sorry later. Woke up midnight-ish, and finished the mystery novel I was reading (Ann Perry's “Buckingham Palace Gardens”). Then I checked email, then I had some granola, then folded towels and got hooked watching “The Madness of King George” - marvelous British actors – and by then it was 5:30 or so and Rick got up to go to work. He is on call this weekend.
Went back to sleep six-ish, woke up nine-ish, meant to go to church but the atmosphere was 'way too snow-ish. So here I am, taking webcam shots of my black eye and thinking about lunch.
The fun never stops!

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