Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Morning Mouse Report

Wow, it gets better and better. Rick was saying last night that it looked kind of fetching, in a Mata Hari, exotica kinda way. I don't have any eye shadow dark enough to make up the other eye to match, but it crossed my mind to try.
Monday morning here (as stated above) and JD and I have begun wrangling about how to clean the house out. He of course could put a dumpster in the yard and throw everything in; I of course have things I'd like to keep. Pictures of the kids when they were little and family photographs going back to before 1900, for example. History! For me the hard part will be sorting History! From @#$%*&@ Clutter! I spoke about getting taller bookcases, and he said: Nothing you have to climb for. He is thinking “safety.” He knows that if anyone could have a book case disaster it would be me. The face plant I took in the driveway is making his point for him.
So – how do we balance safety and history? One piece of stuff at a time, I suppose.
I'll get back to you on this.


The Student said...

Nice shiner!!

The Crow said...

Holy cow! What a shiner! And you don't have a concussion?!?