Friday, March 13, 2009

A Little Color in My Life

Two days after the little fall in the driveway, the black eye has shown up. I noticed it this morning in the bathroom mirror. So much for thinking I got away without looking beat up. Fortunately, my hair and my glasses cover most of the damage.
It's a beautiful evening in the neighborhood. The dog and I are enjoying a little outdoor time on the back deck – first time since last fall. I am enjoying the use of my netbook, a not-quite-laptop that I got recently for mobile writing. It is running on the battery, which is cool. It's only about nine inches wide, which makes it easy to move around. It also has a webcam, which is what I used to take the photo. It seems to have extremely sensitive controls, so I end up stopping frequently to bring it back to where I want it after I brush something I shouldn't and the cursor leaps half a page away. I'm getting used to it. It requires a certain mindfulness, as does most of my life these days.
The cool is setting in now, so I'm going inside. As always, more later! Blessings.

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