Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools (That’s Tuels)

Well, dear hearts, I haven’t had much to say the last week or two. I’ve been in a funk, it’s true, and when I’m in a funk I don’t like to talk to anyone, or write, apparently.
Tonight I caught up on the blogs I follow, because I haven’t been reading, either. Gosh, I know some good writers, great storytellers, deep thinkers. I am grateful for them, and for the internet, which allows me to read their stories and thoughts, any time, day or night, without bothering them.
I think of these down times I have as bouts of emotional flu. The correct name is depression, probably, and yes, I do take an antidepressant, but sometimes the old clouds move in anyway. No, I don’t want to take any more pills to cheer myself up. I know now that the mood will pass pretty soon and I’ll get moving again, but I do take these time outs from life.
There is an ad on TV for one of those pills to cheer you up. It asks, “Where does depression hurt?” “Everywhere!” I said back to the television. “Everywhere,” said the announcer’s voice. They got that right.
It hurts everywhere.

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The Crow said...

Hope things are getting better for you, Mary.

(Yes, it does hurt everywhere.)