Monday, October 31, 2016

The End Is Near

The end is near, and never have so many people, believers and atheists alike, said, “Thank God.”
I have a couple of “whys” I want answered, though.
The first why is, “Why do people demonize Hillary?” I was startled by the vitriol directed at her when her husband was president. Why this blood in the eye, veins in the teeth, violent irrational behavior when it comes to Hillary? It is one thing to dislike and disagree with someone. It is something else again to completely lose your mind and your grip on reality.
The reality being that she is an old-school politician. Male politicians who have done things as bad or worse than the things of which Hillary has been accused are not despised or hounded as she has been. My goodness. Even people who believe that many of George W. Bush’s posse and W himself should be tried for war crimes don’t go shrieking berserk when they talk about it. When Hillary-haters talk about Hillary? Shrieking berserk.
I have a theory, of course. Hillary is an incredibly bright, competent woman. A lot of people hate that in a woman. Maybe such a woman makes people feel like little kids with a mother who knows and can do so much more than they can, and what will she do if she gets mad at them? That feeling of powerlessness and vulnerability at the prospect of angry mommy – maybe that’s why some people go ape poop haywire at the mention of Hillary.
It’s a theory. I don’t know.
I do know that when a Hillary-hater says, “I’m not a sexist,” I believe that about as much as when Obama-haters say, “I’m not a racist.”
The second “why” is, “Why in the world was Donald Trump ever taken seriously?” When I first heard he was running for president, I laughed. The man is a joke.
Well, the joke was on me. He has turned out to be exactly what I always thought he was, and worse, a guy who says something with one breath and denies he said it in the next, among other things. He’s the worst crazy-making boyfriend or girlfriend or roommate or parent you ever had.
I have a theory about his success, too.
Back during the W. Bush years, we all knew that W was a drinker. Then he became Christian, and God wanted him to be president. Well, that’s what he said.
It occurred to me that perhaps some people voted for W because they were trying to re-write their alcoholic childhood and have it come out right this time. That’s not uncommon behavior. The alcoholic says he’s changed, from now on he’s the good loving daddy you always wanted. Who doesn’t want to believe that? But it’s not a good reason to vote for someone.
So now comes the Donald - ignorant, arrogant, mean, dishonest, racist, snotty as a teenage bully, crooked as a dog’s hind leg (no disrespect intended toward dogs), willing to persecute groups of people, encouraging other people to be violent on his behalf - and some people love him. They do. They believe what he says because he says, “Believe me,” which for some of us is a tip off that we’ve heard a load of horse residue. His admirers don’t think he’ll ever turn all that craziness on them. He’ll make it okay to treat other people, especially female people, people of color, immigrants, Muslims, gay, lesbian, and transgender people, as less than human, again.
You know, like we’ve always done, to make ourselves feel okay because we cannot love ourselves as we are.
That’s why they love him.
Just my opinion.
If Hillary is elected, I know you will scoff at me, but try to work through the system as it is. Help Bernie Sanders and all your elected representatives to hold her to the Democratic platform. The kind of change you want does not happen overnight. Don’t be disappointed when it doesn’t. It took a long time to get where we are. It will take a long time to turn things around. You are fighting for yourself, yes, but you are fighting more for your children and grandchildren and their children, who will be dealing with the environmental changes that have been largely ignored during this election.
If Trump is elected, I would advise against fleeing to the Maldives. Most of that atoll nation will be sinking beneath the waves soon.
What some of us have learned is that evil is never finally defeated. It changes shape and keeps working. There are no happy endings, but there can be worthwhile and joyful and good lives.
I hope that when you wake up on November 9th, you will be inspired to work to improve our country and serve the greater good. We need that energy. We need that good intention.
We need each other.
Now, if you haven’t already, get out there and vote.


Traepischke said...
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Traepischke said...

Beautifully, powerfully, wonderfully said, and right on the money. I've never understood the hate. HRC has been on the frontlines, fighting for women's rights for over 25 years. No, she's not perfect, but NO ONE is, not politicians, not doctors, teachers or anyone. We are all so much less than perfect, and yet, we fight on. Why would we deny her the same?

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