Thursday, March 12, 2015

The People Who Are Better Than I Am

I was sitting here playing solitaire and feeling guilty about all the industrious, virtuous things I am not getting done, and thinking about people who seem to have it so much more together than I do, when this came ripping out: The People Who Are Better Than I Am - second draft People who are better than I am Are people who don't watch television every night Because, you know, television makes your brain liquefy and dribble out your open mouth People who are better than I am Don't play solitaire for hours Trying to make impossible plays or win once, at least and their homes are neat and tidy And their diets are healthy and balanced and they don't feel guilty when they sit back to relax Because they aren't doing the vacuuming, or Putting away the dishes, or Folding the laundry, or any of the other chores I mean to get around to Because people who are better than I am Have balance, and structure, and equilibrium in their lives. But they are not perfect, For all their tranquility and order They've been known to split infinitives And sometimes they go out and spend money that was meant to pay bills On something frivolous Sometimes they lean over a garbage can and yell, "The world can go to hell!" So even though I know They are better than I am I kind of like them Just fine.


Anonymous said...

The problem with this post Dear Mary is that there's nobody better than you are. Your Sister Alice

sherrymoe said...

Good to know we all have company! Thank you for the reminder.

joan newcomb said...

Gosh, I play solitaire *while* I'm watching TV... <3

Martin said...

I don't think anybody is better than anybody else... just different. How can they be? Where is the gold standard and when was that decided and by whom?

All that said, I'm like you and I often feel like I should be getting more done or that I wasted a day.