Saturday, August 21, 2010

Boom! I say Boom!

Big excitement here last Tuesday - Obama came to town. That had all the news anchors twittering, but the real excitement was that some poor bozo who'd been away for a long weekend at Lake Chelan with his girl friend was flying back to Seattle and crossed temporarily restricted air space. Fighter jets scrambled out of Portland, Oregon, and about quarter to two it sounded like the whole world was exploding here: BOOM BOOM! The house shook, everything rattled - I couldn't imagine what it was - went to the kitchen door and again: BOOM BOOM! and again the house shook and everything rattled.
Very upsetting - we didn't know what was going on, and were looking for any sign of smoke, an explosion? Rick thought a neighbor was removing a stump. JD was in his room and thought a branch had fallen on the house. I didn't know what it was.
I drove up to town to pick up mail and looked for any sign of anything - nothing.
When Drew came home from work he solved the mystery for us: sonic booms, Obama in town, someone violated no fly space. Lordy. The guy in the float plane didn't know what was going on, landed at Lake Union and pulled in to Kenmore Air, the float plane base in Seattle, and he and his girl friend were in their car starting to drive away when someone stopped them and told him, Dude, you are in deep, deep kim chi.
The five o'clock news featured a video taken through a Kenmore office window of the guy (attired in a tank top, shorts, and sandals) having an extremely serious conversation with a Secret Service spook in dark suit & dark glasses. I'm told that Secret Service spooks have absolutely no sense of humor.
The girl friend was babbling to the TV interviewer: "We were clueless. We thought it was a quiet flight. We had no idea. I'm a hairdresser with a salon in Normandy Park!"
Just trying to distance herself from any ties to Al Qaeda, I imagine.
Meanwhile - the sonic booms scared the crap out of people all over Puget Sound, and crashed the 911 system in Tacoma. Among other things.
I guess Obama had a nice lunch at a bakery in Pioneer Square, and appeared at a fund raiser for Patty Murray, by the way. He was in town for four hours, and that was supposed to be the lead story on the five o'clock news, but the sonic booms came first.
I'll bet that pilot never makes that mistake again.

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