Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Joy Gets a New Hip; Mary Gets Lost in YouTube

My friend Joy Goldstein had a hip replaced Tuesday morning, and the word in the inbox is that it all went well. Let us all say healing prayers – or whatever you do to wish people well – for Joy.
I’ve been a little spaced out since the wedding, and am working on a larger piece which has involved a lot of “research,” which means I’ve been getting stuck watching videos on YouTube.
Of course when you’re looking up one subject, YouTube will dish up a selection of related or similar subjects, so I started listening to Odetta singing, and ended up watching videos of the second to last Johnny Carson show. It started out innocently enough: Odetta sang a song with Harry Belafonte, then Harry Belafonte had a drum battle with Animal on the Muppets Show, which brought up Buddy Rich and Animal having a drum battle, which led to Buddy Rich and Eddie Shaughnessy having a drum battle on the Johnny Carson show…and there I was, far, far away from Odetta, which is who I’m supposed to be learning about.
I’ll tell you another incredible eater of time: Facebook. I got hooked in by young friends, and now – yoicks. I can spend an hour there easily.
So it’s getting harder to get off dead center these days. But I’m working on it. And I hope that all my friends on Facebook who have been sick this week are feeling better.

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