Monday, October 6, 2008


Well, kids, last week was a little rough, in the world and in my head, which kept me busy writing – parodies, a column, letters, emails – writing, writing, writing. Ended the week Friday by meeting a deadline AND singing at an Obama rally which featured pouring rain. By Saturday I was fried.
So I thought I’d kick back a little this week. I like to think that having mono has taught me to be less driven, less insistent on doing all of everything all the time until I keel over. The whole “keeling over” thing has lost its charm for me.
So I started the week thinking I’d go to Seattle and get some new shoes and hit Costco and fill the gas tank on my trusty old Honda Civic. Instead I woke up feeling a little off, which over the next couple of hours turned into a migraine, and I ended up going to bed and sleeping for a few hours with a block of ice on the back of my neck. Later in the day I drove up to Vashon town with my son to mail CDs at the post office (your CD is COMING, Sofie) and pick up necessities at Thriftway: pizza fixings and half and half. The Tuels will be marching on, thus provisioned.
It is October and the rain has arrived. Time to put the Birkenstocks into the closet. I made the mistake of wearing them up to the store today, and when I stepped out of the car they filled right up, soaking my socks. The problem with getting water into Birkenstocks is that they have that little rim around the sole, so the water does not drain back out.
I hear that the world is stumbling and falling all around us. So I hear. After all these years of hearing the crash was coming, it has finally arrived. Maybe. It was bothering me last week, but doesn’t seem to be bothering me this week. Oh well. What the hell. We’re doing the best we can.
That’s about all a person getting over a migraine can say right now.

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